Tool Chest for New An@%*#!$ (Free Download)

A very gracious offer from Chris Schwarz to virtually build alongside those lucky enough to be in the West Country this week.

A saw till was next on my list, but it looks like my plans may have changed 😉

Lost Art Press


Tomorrow morning I start a class I’ve been waiting a long time to teach through the New English Workshop: “The Tool Chest for New Anarchists.” It’s a low-cost class (I don’t think either N.E.W. nor I am making a dime on the course) for 18 new woodworkers.

We’ll spend the week at Bridgwater College in the West Country building a simple tool chest entirely by hand. While the tool chest itself is important, what is more important to me is that we hand off a set of core hand-tool skills.

So in the true spirit of American aesthetic anarchism, I’d like to invite you to follow along this week using all the materials I’ve created for the class.

You can download the 28-page illustrated manual for the class here:

Boarded Tool Chest

If you wish to build the chest, you can download the complete cutting list here:

Cut list…

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