The Daily Skep isn’t meant to be esoteric. It is meant to be honest.

This is a creative space for contemplating the intersections between creativity and creation. It is intended as a vehicle of observation and comment, of exploration and reflection, of trying and failing and learning and trying again. A place where a community of craftspeople can contemplate what it means to be human and why we want to make things with our hands. It is meant to find the points of overlap with the greater tradition and with others interested in the craft of working wood.

If you have a question to raise or a comment to share, welcome to the hive.



My name is Jim McConnell and I’m a husband, father, student of life and chronic tinkerer currently based in Eastern North Carolina where I lead a church and learn something new practically every day. I build furniture and do some freelance editing as a content editor for Mortise & Tenon Magazine. I keep the Skep because I truly believe that creating a virtual guild of makers, doers and dreamers, can be an important and effective way to share ideas and information about the work we all love so much.


Same goes if you’re interested in stopping by the workshop, having a conversation, or grabbing a cup of coffee sometime.

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  1. Herb Marshall says:

    Jim, I read your recent piece on Christopher Schwarz blog. A well expressed sentiment that captures all the important values we hand tool guys have come to appreciate. If you have not already, I would suggest you visit Paul Sellers at https://paulsellers.com/woodworking-blog/paul-sellers-blog/. I received my first inspiration from Chris Schwartz and still follow him, but have come to be a real disciple of Paul. You will not be disappointed.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Herb. My journey was sort of the opposite. It started with Paul and lead me to Chris! It’s an embarrassment of riches to have so many fine teachers available to us these days.

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  2. bachlynch says:

    I agree – however, I found the Samurai carpenter first, then Paul and then Chris. I’ve dropped the samurai as his content became to drama filled for me. As I read the Hayward books, it’s like listening to Paul Sellers and I can definitely see where Paul got his down to earth knowledge. Chris is different ad respect his desire to not want to write a “look at what I did blog”. Obviously, I buy lost press books (the Hayward books among others) and I have Paul Sellers ones as well. Lots of good info and sometimes I wonder if I should stop reading and go back to doing. I am more in the Paul school of using vintage tools and learning how to work them instead of buying the best that you can afford – LN, Vertas etc. I found Tom Fidgen is also in that camp. Anyway’s, glad I found your blog through the “Apartment Woodworker” blog. I’ll be a regular visitor.


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